Scent of A Woman?

"What's that smell?"

I just can’t stop laughing while looking at this screencap of Dong Wook oppa with the line “What’s that smell?” on it.. 😀 I mean.. It has a connection with the drama’s title.. Right? What’s that smell? That probably is the Scent of A Woman.. LOL

Anyway, I’m just kinda busy and I just wanna have fun.. I’m spending my days seriously since I got to administrate a fan site.. And I can’t finish the dramas I am currently watching.. Err… Kim Hyun Joo is almost on her way to making her comeback to the small screen and I still had a lot of things to do.

I haven’t watched “Scent Of A Woman” yet.. As you can see at the bottom part of my blog, it is listed on my soon to watch dramas. And I have heard negative comments about it. Should I watch it? Is it promising? I think I need the viewers’ opinion on this drama.

I’m kinda interested to watch because of Lee Dong Wook. I’m his super duper fan since I started watching Korean Dramas. I love him so much~.. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Scent of A Woman?

  1. I know this post is kinda old and I’m not sure if you have already watched it. But if you haven’t you must watch it. Especially when you mentioned you love LDW, then you really MUST watch it. I heard a lot of LDW fans loved it.

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