JYJ – In Heaven

I didn’t even get to see her the last time and I just sent her away…..

In heaven~.. The title alone will make you curious about it. But what is this song all about (quickly asked myself when I first heard about it)? Are they in heaven? Is it just another heartbreaking song? LOL

I love the moment when Junsu looked at the calendar and hugged Song Ji Hyo when he found out that time turned back. How I wish it happens in real life. Two thumbs up for Junsu! And the Song Ji Hyo’s acting is very realistic; and I admire her for that. It reminds me of a music video (uh~ I  think it’s 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t answer my calls”).. I love the concept of this one. This song will probably remind you of all your regrets.. and time machines~ LOL. So, I highly recommend this one. 😉

I’m a fan of JYJ but I get to listen to their songs only once in a while.. Though I like almost all of their songs. I just found its beautiful music video with Korean lyrics, romanization and translation. Enjoy~

Just a quick reminder: Be careful when crossing the streets. Please never think about such problems when you’re at the streets for it will cause you an accident.

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