Expectations VS Reality

It’s hard to expect something good when the reality is the opposite of your expectations.

It’s been a while since the time I created LOVE Kim Hyun Joo (International Fansite). And I should say it’s quite going well. I’m receiving good feedback every once in a while. Though I’m quite guilty to receive positive comments when I’m late in posting updates. If you’re a regular visitor of LOVE Kim Hyun Joo, I’m saying sorry.. I’ve been so busy lately. I’m trying to post updates on time. I hope you’ll still support the fansite.

I have a lot of expectations for the fansite. But knowing the reality is better. It’s hard to be happy and cheerful for something you’re not sure of. That’s why I just keep on going and never think of something quite impossible.

One of the things I’m thinking of; I’m really not expecting Korean visitors in that fansite because I thought only English-speaking fans will visit the fansite. Koreans are very well updated on Naver and other Korean portal sites. I mean, I’m just surprised that Koreans visit the site every once in a while. Thank you so much!

But my wonderings doesn’t end there. I’ve always been hoping that Kim Hyun Joo will visit the fansite and know that many non-Korean people love her. I think Kim Hyun Joo already knows about the fansite too. I’m pretty sure about it. I hope she likes it though.. 🙂 But I’m not really hoping that she will visit the fansite often. I know she’s so busy..

Even though I had a lot of expectations, reality still matters. I wont know until I finally get to meet Kim Hyun Joo in person. I don’t know if that will happen either.. Hahaha. I think I should study Korean more.. 🙂

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