“The Boys” or “Be My Baby”?

Oh! I’m back~ with another set of songs to keep my K-POP craze. I admit, I had spent my week listening to these songs. And I’m a big  fan of both Wonder Girls and Girls Generation (SNSD). So happy to hear good music again. And so happy to see WG back. ^^ This topic somehow boosts my interest. I know I’m really late posting this topic here in my blog~~.. Sorry about that. T^T

I’m happy and contented about “Be My Baby“, but I want more!! It’s good that WG has changed its concept. For me, it’s something new. I don’t care if it’s similar to Beyonce‘s Single Ladies. It’s not that JYP has no imagination. Only haters will care to take ’em down. It really doesn’t matter. So, good job, WG! 🙂 I really love it!

Here’s the vid


Bring the boys out!!” Girls Generation has got me again. I was no longer surprised. They never fail to amaze me. I love their songs so much. I love it! 🙂

So for the conclusion, WG’s Be my Baby sounds better and more catchy. I got addicted to it more than SNSD’s The Boys. And.. It sounds good for Christmas.. What do you think? 😉

The boys are better in the visuals. I should admit, I was stunned! Great job SNSD. I still love Be My Baby’s visuals, though. It would have been better if it’s a love story MV or something similar. But this time, I go for SNSD.

Dance.. Hmm.. Some say they like The Boys more than Be my Baby. Well, it’s a tie! 😀

As what I’ve said earlier, I like them both. And I can’t choose only one!!

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