IU’s “You & I (너랑 나)” is Awesome! [A Review]

Yeah. It’s already there at the title. 🙂 Not because I’m a bias.. But for me it’s just perfect! Really worth the wait.

I REALLY love it’s very cute concept (and.. a goose? bonus! LOL). And who can deny the unique dancing? It reminds me of Barbie and the Nutcracker ( I don’t know why~~). And I super duper love the orchestration. I’m really fond of listening to orchestras. And I should admit  “You & I”‘s orchestration was well done. Fantastic! Having that magical feeling? Thank God I’m not alone. My expectations are all met. IU my dear, you got me again!

I was thinking of doing a cover of this song.. But nah~~ I changed my mind. IU’s high-pitched voice is too hard for me to reach. I don’t hate her for that. But overall, it’s a very good performance. Now IU should take some rest. OMG she can’t lose her hair.

I really hope she can do more songs as awesome as this in the future. Here’s the MV!

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