It’s been a while, CPOP..

Chinese Pop

When I was looking for some songs in Youtube, I came upon some CPOP songs I really loved. Ah~ those were the days. I can still remember enjoying those. I remember Jay Chou, Angela Zhang, Rainie Yang, Wang Lee Hom and JJ Lin; just a few of my favorite singers. I didn’t notice~ I’m slowly forgetting about the music of my great grandpa’s homeland. LOL~ Blame it to KPOP. Haha, kidding.. KPOP is just like a virus spreading fast. I don’t hate CPOP, it’s just that I’m into KPOP right now.

I’ve been crazy enough for KPOP.. So this time, I’ll take the opportunity to bring them back to my story. ๐Ÿ™‚ Try to listen to three of my favorite songs.. ^^

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