Noel – I Miss You [A Quick Review]

Goodbye.. I miss you.. Will I ever see you again? Ahh.. I should say those words led me to K-pop. And until now, I still love listening to heartbreaking songs. Speaking of heartbreaking songs, I think you’ll love this song by Noel. I’m not yet familiar with their songs and this is the first time I heard them sing.ย I just discovered this group in Soompi a few days ago.. I’m fond of looking at their k-pop chart, hehehe.ย I just added Noel to my favorite k-pop groups. ๐Ÿ˜€ Me love their voices.. It’s so romantic and soothing.

What makes me like this song is the vocals. It’s undeniably great. OMG, I get butterflies when I hear the beautiful curves of their voices. It doesn’t sound like they’re gay. I love it! It’s like I’m listening to a Korean version of Boyz II Men. What do you think?

I also like the video.. However, I don’t like to watch it again and again. Not because I don’t like the characters. But it’s really sad. It’s really heartbreaking. I bet you will know the feeling if you’ve experienced it yourself (hahaha!). Well, that’s how the song goes. And let me add, I love that they were using old stuffs like a gramophone and a cassette player. I don’t know why I like it. And I really don’t know why I appreciate such things when they were included in an MV. LOL

If I have to rate it, I’d say 9/10. It made me very sad so I won’t give it a ten.

Now that’s music!

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