Now that Kim Jong Il is dead…

Kim Jong Il's Death

Should you be happy, or should you be sad? Is this a start for peace and freedom? I do hope so….

Thoughts came out of my mind.. I really don’t know how things will turn out in terms of politics. It’s not just about our idols’ safety. I’m more worried about the poor people who will be affected if something bad happens.

It was like I just woke up and suddenly shocked with this unbelievable news. I read the news last Saturday, December 17, 2011… North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il (69 years old) died after suffering a heart attack while in a train.. I was thinking if this is another death hoax or whatever. Is it already a year when North and South Korea were in trouble again? Things are happening quite fast.

You can never really predict what happens in the future. You might be boasting of your power and possession right now. But you don’t know, tomorrow is your final day in this world. You can never really tell.

The Kim dynasty doesn’t end there. The former leader has his successor, his youngest son Kim Jong Eun. He’s cute and chubby. But to be honest, everytime I look at him, it makes me scared. I think he’s not the nice type. I wonder what happens if he takes over his father’s place.

Some people say If your parents are wicked, your children usually are worse. Yeah not all.

But I’m still hoping that Kim Jong Il’s death would be a start of a new life for North Koreans. I just hope my first impression of the heir is wrong. I pray for freedom and peace. God bless Korea!

May you rest in peace, Kim Jong Il. Our condolences to the people of North Korea.

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