Hello 2012!!

Goodbye 2011.. You’ve been a kpop year for me. The very moment I start the computer, kpop is there. When I open the internet browser, there’s naver and other korean stuffs at the bookmarks. I’ll never forget how my family complained about my kpop addiction (especially my father’s daebak facial expression LOL). I listened to a lot of kpop songs and filled my mp3 player with my favorite kpop songs.. And 2011’s quite a good year for kpop ballads. I’m a big fan of all the 2011 ballads especially Sung Shi Kyung’s “Even Now.” I will never forget how those songs made me cry. LOL.. But I also enjoyed some of the pop/dance songs but only a few. Hopefully, the year 2012 will eventually make me like more upbeat songs. ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t realize it a first.. But in 2o11, I only enjoyed dramas with one great actress in common, that’s Kim Hyun Joo. I watched her dramas regardless if it’s new or old. For me, it’s good. I got to know her more and admired her acting more. But for other drama addicts out there, I don’t know.. x) But I suggest you get to know her more, watch her dramas, and find out more about her life being a goodwill ambassador. Ah… I wish this year I’ll have more time watching Korean dramas, and that it would not interfere with my Korean studies and my work as an administrator of a fansite.


So for my 2012 kpop journey, here are my new year resolutions:

#1. Study and practice Korean everyday

Learning the language would be really helpful. It gives you a great feeling to understand what you’re listening to. And you won’t have to wait for the eng subs. And it gives you more confidence on doing covers or collabs. Have to do my best in learning Korean. Hwaiting!!

#2. Have more (or at least enough) time for my personal blog

In 2011, I only focused on the fansite I was moderating. I already forgot this blog. I want to publish at least 5 posts per month.

#3. Do more music

I already have my Youtube channel and started to post some covers there. Even if I’m busy with other stuffs, I really want to have time for music alone. And I believe that would be a perfect escape from stress. Hopefully this year will be a good year for covers and collabs.

#4. Learn to edit

Photos, videos, whatever! I just find it really interesting. Promise.. I will learn it well to avoid errors like what happened to Hyoyeon.. Aw.. Speaking of Hyoyeon, I hope starting this year she will no longer be a victim of editor’s carelessness in Photoshop editing. Poor Hyoyeon.. So, yeah that’s it. Photography plus Photoshop, that would be fun!

#5. Have enough sleep!

Ever since I become addicted to kpop, I can’t get enough sleep, and also can’t sleep well. Going to bed at 2:00AM, and you can’t get your idols and fantasies out of your mind. “Uhh.. unnie~ oppa~, let me sleep!” Sometimes it ends up dreaming about you and your idol on a secret vacation somewhere. Good if it’s a nice dream. But if not, IU might turn into a vampire in my dreams. Oh.. Time check, it’s 1:21AM.


Well, that was my resolution and sharing some of my lame experiences. What about you?

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