Dear Bias

Since I’m so bored and feeling sick, let me take this opportunity to share a love letter of an addicted fanboy to his bias. I’m not gonna say a name.. It’s up for you to know it. hehe~

Dear Bias,

How are you? I wish I could say those words to you in person.. I hope you’re doing well right now. I haven’t seen you on TV lately. I’ve heard you’ve been busy doing something for the poor. I’m so proud of you. May your dreams be fulfilled and I hope you find true happiness.

I’ve never been so happy. This is crazy but the moment I open the internet, a smile is already in my face. Visiting your fan club, going to news sites to see if there’s a news about you, and checking out your Twitter account just to know what you’ve been up to (and hoping that you already replied to my tweets), I do all of these everyday because I always miss you. Because of my deep love, I created a fansite for you and I promised to keep it updated as much as possible. I spend almost 19 hours a day just looking at the computer, and sometimes when I’m bored, I edit your photos and paste mine on your side. Hahaha! How silly of me.. I’m so ambitious. But I’m really longing for the day that I’ll be with you in New Caledonia, having a glass of red wine at the beach. I’d love to spend my whole vacation with you. For me that would be my happiest vacation ever. And maybe I could die after it. No! Just joking. How will I see your pretty face if I’m already dead?

My dear, I can’t speak Korean. But because I badly want to know everything you say, I am learning Korean. It’s not easy. I’m not the kind of person who loves learning new languages, but for you I will.. No matter how hard.

I’m not a nice person either. I don’t do charity work. I don’t love to give. But because you do it, I’m currently doing it too. Thank you so much for inspiring me to do so. I never felt so honored to help the poor especially the out-of-school children. I’ll be happy to work with NGOs in the future.

I can’t imagine how someone like you, who I never met, would change my whole life. I’m just amazed by how I was changed just by admiring you. I want to be your man. I hope you give someone like me a chance. You know honestly, I want to meet you someday and hopefully, express my love for you. But that 98% impossible. I guess I’ll be loving you in my dreams. But it’s okay.. As long as you are happy, that will make me happy too.

I hope you will never change. Always wear that beautiful smile of yours. I’ll always be your fan.

I love you so much!

Your #1 fan,


The saddest love stories are not just about a boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up but also a fan and an idol who will never get the chance to be with each other. – sushisaranghae

Ah.. That’s heart-touching. ^^ I wish there are more guys like him. His bias is very lucky.

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