A.K.A. Puss In Boots

They have things in common, right? 😀 I didn’t expect that netizens would think of something like this. Just found this photo today and I should say it’s daebak! Han Ga In still looks adorable even with that disappointed look. I mean, what a comparison! LOL

My blog is now widely dominated with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun.” This drama is really addicting and I’m loving it. I hate to say this, but because of it I can hardly study Korean. I really hope I could study more soon. The fact that I always forget the Sino Korean and Native Korean numbers makes me think of going back to Level 1. But.. 선생님.. Can I finish watching until the last episode posted in mysoju? hehehe

By the way, as of now, my attention is just focused on Kim Soo Hyun. I like Jung Il Woo’s acting but I’m no longer surprised because he always had that cheerful character and I have known him as a good actor. Hopefully the female leads can live up to my expectations. 🙂

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