Girl, You Will Be A Woman

Oh.. It’s just like yesterday when I saw her looking just like a child; playful and innocent. And now, my girl’s on her way to be a woman. I’m extremely happy that Kim Yoo Jung became more popular after she appeared in MBC’s “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” as the young Yeon Woo. Honestly, this girl has shown youthful beauty and exceptional talent that I became her fan even before she appeared in TMTETS.


However, I am just surprised to see her maturity through some photo shoots. Sorry to say this.. But I think I want to see her more as a girl, not as a woman, as much as possible. She will eventually become an adult someday. I think it’s better to wait for that time.

It’s not that I hate it, in fact she looks so beautiful. It’s not that I don’t want to see her grown up. But don’t you think it’s just too fast?

But I’ll always be this girl’s fan no matter what. Kim Yoo Jung hwaiting!!!!

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