The One Thing I Do Every Day

Hmmm… Let’s see.. Other than my daily text message for my special someone, I

Listen to my playlist of old but wonderful Korean songs..

I’m still a Korean music lover even if I became inactive in the online world for some months. Nothing beats the unique and meaningful Korean OSTs I used to cry on. Remember the BOF OSTs? Until now I still have those in my music player. And who will dare not to listen to the beautiful OST of 49 Days? And no one can’t deny how great The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s OST is. I also enjoy Suzy’s OSTs for various dramas. Oh my gosh.. She’s really amazing in ballads! You can really feel the sincerity. As of now, I have at least 3 of her songs in my mp3, all of it a ballads.

I love how I try to collect Korean OSTs from old to new. It’s like travelling through a time machine.. It gives me a nostalgic feeling too.

I also love KPOP but due to my busy schedule, I decided to focus on OSTs for now. And fyi, I enjoy K-OSTs more than KPOP. 🙂 So expect more OSTs than KPOP. 😉

Those songs are like treasure to me. I’ll keep on listening to them until I get tired. 🙂

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