Nesting out

What’s your first job experience? How was it? How did you feel? Well, I’m currently in the process of nesting out. I applied at one of the call centers here in our place. And fortunately, I was endorsed for training. And now I am almost getting there.. I just need to work harder to be an official call center professional. 🙂 Fingers crossed~

Why did I choose to work as a CCP?

That was the big question there. I am not born talkative. I just stay on a corner… quiet.. just observing and listening to my friends. I am sort of the loser type. Almost no one listens when I talk. Is it because I am soft spoken? Or is it just that I am really a loser? No. I’m not. I’m really not talkative. But I can speak whenever I want. Or maybe it’s because my life is boOoOoring.. Hahaha! Well I enjoy it. So take your hands off me. Lol!

The training started last month and we’ve gone through a lot of challenges; tension as well! Because it is my first job, my expectations were really not that high. I just wanted my trainers to be patient and understanding because I have no experience. I’m a newbie in the industry. But I’m willing to learn. 🙂

Now going back to the question above, I just need a job to support myself and my family. And I want to experience the corporate world and improve my communication skills. I want to set my best foot forward. I want to change the shy Lizzy Kim into a confident one. And I believe it’s a great way to start at a call center.

Wish me luck ^^

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