I’m in love with Solenn Heussaff!

Image(c) pinoyrepublic.net

Solenn Marie Adea Heussaff (born on July 20, 1985) is a French-Filipina VJ, actress, TV Host, model, singer, fashion designer, painter, and professional make-up artist. She was one of the official castaways of Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown which aired from August 30 to December 3, 2010 on GMA Network. She made it to the Final Three. In December 2010, she signed a recording contract with MCA Universal Philippines, a movie contract with Regal Entertainment, and a television contract with GMA Network and GMA Artist Center.

Ah Goodness! I’m back with a hot post! I’ve been away from Korean world for quite a long time now and I’ve been exposed to sexy chics lately (my work has changed my taste lol)

Next to the girl I love for almost three years now is another IT GIRL, Solenn Heussaff! I can’t just imagine how my preferences has changed from a simple and conservative girl to a damn sexy girl. Anyway, it’s not just the gorgeous looks that I like about her, this girl has a a lot of talents! She is happily in a relationship with his three-year boyfriend, Nico Bolziko from Argentina. Ghawd I’m jealous! No, seriously. I get the happy feeling also when I find out my idols are happy with their relationships. :’) She’s no ordinary girl, as per my resources she is aggressive when she likes a guy. She always do her best to make that man hers. Wow! I like that. LOL :p

And by the way, she also looks like Maggie Q (one of my idols) in some of her photos which makes me like her so much. I’m not yet really amazed with her acting but I’m getting to the point of religiously watching her shows. Anyway, she is very talented and that’s what I like.

Liz’s confession:

She’s sexy! Yea know, the sexiest woman alive. I don’t know if I should envy her or have a crush on her because she’s just so gorgeous. But I think I’m in love with her.


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source: google.com

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