More of Solenn Heussaff


This was from her Esquire Magazine shoot. I never tried to buy the magazine though because I’m surrounded with kids at home, and it would not be a good idea if they see it. LOL Anyway, this girl is definitely going her way to fame. Even my aunt who is not really into showbiz already knows her. Gah! I thought I can keep it a secret. And I think I’m gonna switch to another network because she’s now on primetime. Yeah! Sexiness overload! But more than that, her acting is getting better that’s why I’m telling you guys you shouldn’t miss any update from her.

I am not pervert. I just appreciate how she takes it nicely without being awkward. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s why I like her, she effortlessly beautiful and talented.

solenn heussaff at the set of Seduction (c)HYSH

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