Sacrifice? Or just being blind…


I’ve come up with the idea of posting my experiences on love. And this time it’s all about patience for someone you love..

To tell you honestly guys, my partner and I have been in an on-off relationship since our 17th month. She has been accusing me of having an affair with a workmate who is just one of my close friends. Did it ever come to your mind that she may be doing the same thing when I’m not around? Maybe the reason why she doubts because that girl is in a long distance relationship with a lesbian. So here I am trying to tell her I am faithful to her and I will never get into something I can’t fight for.

There are certain things that only the two of us can fix. Those are the times when I expect her to sit beside me and talk about it calmly. But look at that girl, she went to the bar with her friends. She asked her friend to text me and tried to fix things. (Heck, are you my girlfriend? Or do you wanna be my girlfriend?) That was one of the most unforgettable things she tried to do in fixing our relationship. Can we just sit down at the park, tell me what’s wrong and be back in each other’s arms again? Or are we not yet ready for a serious relationship.

Although a lot of times, we try to forget our painful moments, there are times when those are dug out of the ground. Especially when we accidentally talk about things we don’t like. And then we fight again. Geez! Try to be on my shoes and you will know how tight she holds my arms when she tried to stop me from leaving. Yea know, I could stop walking without her gripping it too tight. I’m not that mean or mad,ย just give me an explanation or an acceptable reason and you will have me forever.

I can’t just imagine how insensitive I am with all those wrongdoings of my partner. But you know what I can’t believe this, but leaving her was never easy. I tried to break up with her already for infinite times but here we are, still attached with each other.

So I came up with an idea on how to deal with this kind of situation:

_keep quiet

_let her talk till she drops

_if she’s still mad, leave. Don’t call or text her. Keep the night silent (let’s see if someone calls first ;))

_Morning comes, try to check your phone.. Say good morning to her.. She she greets in return, both of you will be fine later on. You’ll talk about what happened last night, but I’ m pretty sure you’ll just end up saying sorry for what happened. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hug her.

_Of course! 3 red roses for I LOVE YOU.

_Hang out with her. Both of you should go to your favorite restaurant.

Quite tired and sleepy now. I should go to bed before I get another word from her. Have a good one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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