A letter to a much awaited Love

To the one I love,

Hi.. I know I haven’t met you yet. But I am already filled with excitement to see you and give you all the love I can give. Honestly, I wish you could be as beautiful as my dream lover, but ever since my heart was broken for so many times, it’s no longer important. A warm heart would be better than a pretty face. I may not be rich to give you all the things you like but I am very much sure that in my arms, you will always be contented. I wish you will be understanding and caring because even if you’re asleep, I will watch over you, take care of you like what I have been dreaming of since I learned how to love.

I may not be perfect but I promise you, as long as we understand each other, there will be nothing better than our relationship. As your other half, there is nothing I could ask for than your true love. Even if I work hard to death just to make you proud and fulfilled, I will do it because I love you.

Hey, you know, I often cry secretly because I don’t want you to see me hurt. Don’t worry, I will be fine because I know you’re there. Just tell me you love me despite my imperfections and I will be the happiest person on earth. It’s priceless to be loved unconditionally. And I know you will love me with all your heart.

Perhaps right now I am still struggling to make a difference in my life. But everything I do is for you and for our future. I want to give you a good life when we get married. I want you to have no regrets choosing me as your lifetime companion. So please understand me if my dream is to go overseas. I really want to take you there. But I promise you, you will always be the only one in my heart. And I know you will be waiting for me as both of us are match made in heaven.

I thank my family for teaching me all the good things I needed to learn. I can assure you, once I say you’re the only one, you will always be the only one. I hope you also love my family as you will be closer to them when we’re already together. For me, a person who loves her family is a responsible woman. I am very sure my entire family will embrace you with love.

You may be asking why I am doing this. The reason why I am writing this right now is to let you know that I have been waiting for you, and you were always in my mind. I saved all my love for you and I did everything to deserve you. They say love always finds a way, so please let God’s love lead us to each other.

I would be true to you and I pray to God that He will always guide us. I pray that we will be together forever. And no matter what happens, I will hold your hand and we’ll face the world bravely. I will wait for you.

I love you!

– Ji Won

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