Game of the week: Play AuditionPH and love KPOP


Audition PH is an online dance game by Levelup Games with different dance modes to choose from. Dress up your own character the way you like it and be a dance superstar. Visit to learn more about this really addicting and “good vibes” game.

If you’re into good vibes, dance battles and KPOP and cute stuff, AuditionPH is the right game for you. Not only will you enjoy listening to cool and happy music, you will also get to know more Audistas and practice fast typing. Dress up your character the way you want it to using the amount of


Den your character has, or you can also purchase level up cards and top up to purchase cool and eye-captivating costumes. Each time you win a game, you will get corresponding EXPs and Den depending on your rank on that said game. Join different teams (more known as a “family”) and earn more Den by joining battle parties. One of the most interesting part of being an audista is to have a couple.

Yes! We all have the option to have a couple or not. Now, based on experience, having a couple is better because when the two of you gets married, you will have a ring and the two of you are entitled to a couple garden that you will share. And instead of crops, you will harvest gifts; those could either be hair, upper garment, under garment, shoes, items, accessories, or even pet. Also, every time you beat the license (that’s the term when you’re leveling up), you will receive premium gifts. Even if you are just there playing or looking around, you will also get a chance to receive a gift.

(c) e-games

I think I said enough stuff to make you think how I loved the game. I have already learned about this game before, and ignored it a few times and played the RPGs and tanks. But let me explain how I finally gave it a try.

(c) fireby

I started playing Audition when I came into my neighbor’s internet cafe and saw some of my neighbors (most of them are 7-15 years of age) playing this game. At first I thought it’s just nonsense but I remember when I was still in high school and AuditionPH was already created (it was originally created by e-games and now it’s on levelup), I was still 14 that time and I just didn’t mind it because I only play RF Online, you know every thing boy stuff. But I was silently convinced because this one is better than checking my Facebook every day, I only get depressed reading different statuses and I get second to nothing from it. And it’s a cute thing seeing my neighbor’s characters dress up like a boss! So I made one character and now, I’m on level 12. Quite an achievement for a newbie. ^^ But definitely I’m getting there.


The last thing that I can say is the age factor. I am already 20 and most people think it’s appropriate for a girl like me to play this game. No. Actually, this is better than doing bad things online. 🙂 I get to meet new friends, enjoy and play like a boss LOL, and love KPOP. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, you can do it. 😉

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