Music was my refuge.  I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.  ~Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

Hi! I go by Lizzy Kim online. Glad to see you here! This is my personal blog and I post everything about Asian Entertainment, but mostly it’s Korean. 🙂 I’m also an obsessed fan of Kim Hyun Joo (hahaha). I love music and I play the piano, guitar, bass, flute and drums. I made this blog to share good music and other stuffs like my favorite Asian dramas, movies and celebrities. I really love looking for good music. This is also my one way of practicing Korean Language; I’m learning Korean. I love K-POP and C-POP!

Asian music, particularly K-POP, is one of the best music in the world. I consider it relaxing, good for the ears, romantic and sincere. If you’re into KPOP and love Asian entertainment, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t just post new songs. I also try to share old songs that are worth listening to. I update this blog frequently and I also accept requests and suggestions. Lyrics and and translations are included in every music post.


My Kim Hyun Joo Wave

I may sound crazy but I think it will be such a relief if you’ll allow me to share this. Kim Hyun Joo is not the first Korean actress I have known. It’s Song Hye Kyo when I watched my very first Korean drama, “Autumn Tale”. Though I like the drama and the character, it didn’t make me addicted to KDramas (it was like “I’m not yet interested to watch another KDrama~maybe next time). Or is it~~”Song Hye Kyo is undeniably beautiful but her acting did not satisfy me”. After I finished the Endless Love series, I stopped watching Korean dramas.

Until one day, I’ve heard about the drama titled “Marrying A Millionaire”. The title is not that interesting (at least for me~) and it sounds like another Cinderella story… It was my friend who is addicted to this drama that she always try to make me watch it. For her to stop convincing me and showing off a really cute expression, I gave it a try~and also because Go Soo is so good-looking. During the first 10 episodes, I never gave much attention to his lady. And sometimes she’s annoying. She always make me feel mad after watching MAM. I don’t know why I can’t appreciate her beauty and acting. Forgive me, Kim Hyun Joo fans. 😦

After watching a few episodes of MAM, I felt like leaving this drama. My friend asked me why. Wanna know what I said? “Because that woman is so annoying and I hate her”. Looking quite surprised after hearing my reason, my friend said, “Please~let’s just keep on watching this.. Okay? Kim Hyun Joo is not annoying. Just wait and see~I know you’re gonna love her very soon.” And to avoid arguments, I kept watching, tried to endure, and instead enjoyed the show.

But then I realized… When this woman smiles, I also smile without me knowing. She seems to have a pretty face that goes prettier the more you look at her. And when you look at her eyes, it’s so pure and innocent. And yeah, my friend was really right. It’s just a matter of enjoying the drama, and soon I started loving Kim Hyun Joo. It made me realize that I was just so blinded by the Queen Song Hye Kyo who is well known internationally. But I slowly realized that this woman is way better than Song Hye Kyo. And she’s not that annoying after all, the thing that’s annoying is the storyline which turned out into a crap after they came home from France. And I also thought it’s Go Soo that made her look annoying. Grrr.. How could I not realize those things in the first place~

I was really hoping to watch her other dramas but I was still in high school then. Lots of school work and some other activities. I had no time to spend watching her dramas. Until one day the most popular KDrama ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was aired in our country. It was fun watching it. Loved all of the characters. But I felt something strange when I was at Episode 7.

Jun Pyo’s noona.. She seems so familiar.. And whoa~she’s so cool. Hmmm.. *thinks* And here comes my friend again.. “Oh! Kim Hyun Joo unni!”

“What did you just say? Kim Hyun Joo unni? Could it be that she is that girl from MAM???” What a transformation! And she’s a versatile actress. My friend drools, LOL. To be honest, it was fun but I didn’t think of watching it till the end. But thanks to this cool unni I watched it till the end. And I rewatched (for the nth time) some episodes where Kim Hyun Joo appears. Ah~I wish to have an elder sister like her. Beautiful, smart, cool yet warm-hearted. Daebak!

After watching BBF, I think I have developed a strong admiration to her. I think I already like her so much. Now the craziness begins, I can’t get her out of my mind. It’s like~ a girl crush. And this is when I started looking for her dramas and also more info about her. I think I’ve spent more time looking for her stuffs than studying my lessons. Mom, dad, if you’re reading this now, you finally know what I’ve been doing during the wee hours. T.T But I didn’t have failing grades, you both know I did well in my studies.

Watched ‘Partner’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Glass Slippers’, ‘Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest’, ‘Insoon is Pretty’, ‘Star Runner’, ‘Calla’, ‘Shinsukki Blues’, ‘If you were me 5’ and more of her dramas and movies. However, I’m really sad that I couldn’t find her sageuks like ‘Sangdo’ and ‘The Land’ and some really old dramas with Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin. Maybe I’ll have to study hard in my Korean lessons and be more familiar with the Korean portal sites so that I’ll have more chances of finding them all.

After watching a lot of her dramas, movies and interviews, I thought I already know so much about her. It’s when I found out about her volunteer work with Good Neighbors and Charum. Just by watching her dramas make me feel she is a nice person. But it made admire her more knowing that she does charity work.

I am aware that a lot of Korean actors and actresses do volunteer work nowadays. But to tell you honestly, Kim Hyun Joo is very different from them. Her sincerity and kind heart shows. I can see that she really loved those children and she makes them feel that they are loved. And she really gives time for both GN and Charum every year. It love it when she said something like this, “Kids at Charum see me not as an actress. They see me a lovely and kind-hearted princess. I love them.”

I don’t know much about Kim Hyun Joo’s private life. But it shows there are a lot of people who love her. She is thoughtful and close to her friends like they were just like other ordinary friends out there. She loves her family so much. And kids love her, too. And of course, I love her! That’s all I know as of now. I don’t want to write down all the details here because it’s going to be tiring. 😛 So if you want to know more about Kim Hyun Joo, you can visit http://lovekimhyunjoo.blogspot.com, a little fan site made by yours truly. Hope you can get to know more about her there. 🙂

My love for Kim Hyun Joo is no longer like before. I loved her because she is beautiful and talented. But knowing more about her life outside the Entertainment industry is very interesting and inspiring that it changed the way I look at her. There’s a lot more to know about her than just focusing on her TV life. I love her like an unni who is really far away from me. I want to be her younger sister.

My favorite part in knowing Kim Hyun Joo is learning a lot of realities in life through her experiences. All I can say is it helps a lot. I think I am now starting to be mature. Thanks to her. Such a great person worth knowing. I wish someday I can meet her. And as long as I have the time, I’ll never get tired of supporting her.

Aw.. It’s so long. But I hope you still kept on reading until here. I’m no good writer but I hope I shared it well. 🙂 Thank you for reading! And I hope you can share your Kim Hyun Joo experience, too.


My New-found Kim Yoo Jung

Well.. Not really. I’ve seen this girl for a lot of times in dramas already. Dong Yi, Iljimae, Queen Seon Deok and Flames of Ambition to mention a few.. I was amazed by this girl’s beauty and talent even before I saw her in “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”. There are a lot of good child actresses in Korea’s Film and Drama Industry. But for me, Kim Yoo Jung is exceptional. Just like Kim Hyun Joo, she is versatile. She’s getting prettier as she grows up. For sure this girl will be very successful in her career.

I’m really looking forward for more of her future projects. I can feel that this girl will become a well-respected actress just like Kim Hyun Joo. I can’t make this part very long because I’m still getting to know this girl. So…. to be continued~~ ^^


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  1. Is there a hidden music player on your blog?? Every time I open this blog, Back in Time always playing , I want to stop it because I was listening to a song on my laptop, but I can’t even found the playlist. Sometime it made me upset.. 😕 Btw, nice blog.. 🙂

  2. Sorry, but it seems come from another website.. I was opened a lot of tabs recently, and I don’t know where is the song come from.. Hehe, sorry (_ _;) Anyway, nice to meet you 🙂

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