Moving.. But not leaving!

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Through the years I have loved this wordpress site of mine. It has been very convenient to me and I worked quite hard in making this site nice and stable. But there are times when you need to move out for another great opportunities. This site will stay open, I’m not leaving it; but I’m transferring to a new domain, it’s Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to see you there at my new corner. ๐Ÿ™‚ >>>> Liz Jiwon Kim

Akdong Musician – I love you

This song’s not so new but it really hit me. This is pure talent. Akdong Musician may not be the same with your other idols but for me, they satisfy my soul, especially with the cuteness of the song! They are under YG Entertainment and omg they are on top of the music charts nowadays! So if you haven’t met this new hit duo of KPOP, please do check their video and feel free to sing along!

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Some people are worth melting for…

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This one just crossed my mind. This movie gave me the LSS.

By the way, I never tried to watch “Frozen” until my siblings bought a dvd of it. I thought Frozen is just about snow and it’s just for kids. But I think I got it wrong. Thanks to them I would like to watch it everyday! Never thought it would be so addicting.

My favorite character in the movie is Olaf,ย the snowman Queen Elsa built. I like him because he’s funny and very good in singing. I laughed very hard when he sang that song that has “in summer…” as the lyrics. Humorous!

Love can thaw a frozen heart.