Akdong Musician – I love you

This song’s not so new but it really hit me. This is pure talent. Akdong Musician may not be the same with your other idols but for me, they satisfy my soul, especially with the cuteness of the song! They are under YG Entertainment and omg they are on top of the music charts nowadays! So if you haven’t met this new hit duo of KPOP, please do check their video and feel free to sing along!

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Game of the week: Play AuditionPH and love KPOP

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Audition PH is an online dance game by Levelup Games with different dance modes to choose from. Dress up your own character the way you like it and be a dance superstar. Visit http://levelupgames.ph to learn more about this really addicting and “good vibes” game.

If you’re into good vibes, dance battles and KPOP and cute stuff, AuditionPH is the right game for you. Not only will you enjoy listening to cool and happy music, you will also get to know more Audistas and practice fast typing. Dress up your character the way you want it to using the amount of Continue reading

(Big OST) Suzy of Miss A – 그래도 사랑해 (I Still Love You)

Have you ever experienced singing a Korean song for more than 10 times in a day? Impossible? Not in my world. I’ve been addicted to Suzy’s songs lately. And I’m now becoming a big fan of Miss A (thanks to Suzy). Yes, I did sing this song for more than 10 times today (I think it’s 18 times) and it led me to making a post about it.

Here are the Hangeul lyrics, romanization and translation


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IU – Last Fantasy (MV)


Yay! ‘Last Fantasy’ finally got an MV! The mv is all about her “IU Japan Premium Special LIVE” showcase and some of her clips travelling around Tokyo. Good! I haven’t seen any video of IU in Japan until this mv is released.

But, to be honest, while waiting for this beautiful song’s MV, I was imagining of IU in Wonderland (or something overloaded with cuteness). LOL Yea know.. The song sounds magical.. So I really thought the mv would be magical as well. But even if my imagination is the opposite of the reality, I still love this mv. Of course, for a bias like me, everything that has IU in it is beautiful. Oh never mind. Let’s just enjoy it. 🙂